Learn With Music in Business Review Romania (2016)

Daniela Toma (Daisy) – directorul programului Learn With Music: o metoda ineractiva de invatare a limbii engleze prin muzica, joc si micare, model preluat pe baza metodologiei The Music Class Inc® SUA, a acordat un nou interviu revistei Business Review in luna Februarie 2016. In articolul publicat Daisy povesteste despre provocarile intalnite, dar si despre beneficiile acestui program non-formal si popularitatea de care se bucura, feed-back-ul participantilor fiind majoritar pozitiv.

Iata o parte din intrebari si raspunsuri:

How did you enter the Romanian business scene and when?

For eight years I worked as a teacher within The Music Class program in the United States. When I came back to Romania, I thought that there was a need for an interactive program for learning both English and music for children between four months and six years. [...]

Why did you decide to launch such a business in Romania?

The idea of starting the project came from my personal experience, having benefited from the American know-how in the field. I also noticed that there were no such initiatives on the Romanian market. Despite the fact that learning English represents a goal in many private and state-owned educational institutions, I think that interactivity is the most important thing when a small child starts to interact with a foreign language. Pam Pam is an ambitious project that I thought about considerably before launching last year. I realized that a theatre piece for kids needs to have an educational part as well. Children learn easier when they are involved in the artistic act.

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