Learn With Music în Business Review Romania (2015)

Revista Business Review Romania ne-a acordat un interviu și în urma acestuia ne-am bucurat și de un articol în publicația online.

Articolul poate fi găsit accesând link-ul:

Dana Toma, program director at the Learn with Music franchise, told BR, “We have invested a lot in promotion campaigns and every time we have tried to emphasize the benefits of children’s participation in such a program. I taught this program in America for eight years. When I decided to come back to Romania, I decided to bring this kind of interactive program for learning English and music for children aged six months to seven years, as nothing similar existed at the time.”

He added, “Learn with Music involves learning English through music, movement and play. We use materials called The Music Class which have been awarded in the United States at various international fairs and exhibitions. These materials are carefully crafted by a group of researchers and are specially designed for small groups of children.”

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Toma went on to say that research shows music helps children become better learners, and that even a newborn emotionally responds to music. It also shows that there is a link between mathematical abilities in students and their musical awareness. “The Learn with Music program is the perfect way to start a child’s lifelong educational career and learn a new language (English) in a fun way.”


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