Develop your child’s musical intelligence

Sing to your baby. Research shows that babies as young as two months can detect a melody. Moreover, babies can differentiate between a father’s voice and a mother’s. Pitch and rhythm are the two most distinct elements of music. When your child hears different voices singing, she gains practice in actively discriminating between different pitches.

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Use your car time. Carry a supply of children’s music in your car and sing along with your children while you drive. As your child gets older introduce other genres like show tunes, jazz, and classical music. Music helps while away the hours on long car trips and soothes impatience when caught in traffic. Children enjoy the togetherness of this activity.

Make music together. Among the Anang, a highly musical tribe in Nigeria, fathers fashion special drums for their toddlers. Pass out some wooden spoons or chopsticks; tap out a beat with your child on some wooden blocks or a countertop. Put some dried beans or rice in a can to make shakers, and move around with your child as she shakes the rhythm to whatever song is playing on the stereo.

See some live music together. Take your child to see live musicians perform. The concert does not have to be fancy or expensive, just one that will shows your child music is an activity that, with practice, can lead to real accomplishment.


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